With her insight and passion, the new CEO of Elfbeads brings a touch of modernity and magic to the brand’s jewelry


Mila Tatyanina, CEO of Elfbeads

My goal is to nurture Elfbeads with all the love and care, making them into the strong, beautiful and mature brand that they were meant to be “

– Mila Tatyanina

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, November 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – In 2013 Mila Tatyanina, now CEO of Elfbeads, started collecting Pandora charms. Venturing into this new world, she discovered other brands of pearls and immediately knew that she had found more than a hobby, but a passion.

As a stay-at-home mom, she has found this activity energizing and inspiring, often using it as a source of rejuvenation after a grueling day. Pearls have not only allowed her to express herself, but also to find a community of like-minded people who share their love for uniquely crafted jewelry.

The support she received from the group was indescribable and became the catalyst for her to start her store.

Trusted and respected for her taste and design abilities, Mila began to see purchases pour in and began to delve deeper into the pearl industry. 6 weeks later, after posting an Instagram post about her upcoming goals, she received an offer to own Elfbeads, which was previously owned by someone else.

What started out as a hobby quickly turned into a dream come true.

Founded in the Netherlands, the original concept of Elfbeads, bringing happiness to people all over the world, fit perfectly with Mila’s values ​​and mother nature. Compatible with other brands such as Pandora and Trollbeads, they are custom made with the highest quality materials for every customer with love.

Filled with magic, they are full of beauty and bring an ethereal touch to everyday life, giving the impression of living a fairy tale. Glass beads are made using a lampwork process, an artisanal glass making process. Each pearl has its own story and brings out positive memories.

“Our mission is to deliver the most magical and amazing pearls to our customers. We are committed to their satisfaction, bringing joy and happiness through our pearls and our community. It is important to us that our pearl friends experience magic and fantasy with every pearl they touch. We do it through whimsical designs with an exploratory exposition of nature, ”the company explains.

With her relentless work ethic, Mila takes the reins and fully assumes her new role as CEO of Elfbeads. Continuously improving her design skills, she brings the brand up to date and establishes an online presence. Her leadership style adds a nurturing and delicate touch as she takes the business to a new level, building on the magical foundations left by its previous owners.

“My goal is to nurture Elfbeads with all the love and care, making it a strong, beautiful and mature brand that it was meant to be,” says Mila.

The kindness and warmth that Elfbeads brings quickly fostered a following of passionate bead lovers who are constantly on the lookout for innovative creations.

“Elfbeads believes beads should be of high quality, and they also believe in the power of a community around beads. We believe in collaboration and shared passion. Our customers are loyal and appreciate the hard work we put into every pearl in our inventory. She adds.

Made up of storytellers, the Elfbead community is extremely important to her. Recalling her beginnings in this world, she values ​​the bonding aspects brought by friendship, as members come together to celebrate a common interest. In short, there is room for everyone.

To learn more about the brand and see their beautiful pieces, visit their website today by clicking here! Make sure to follow them on their social media to stay up to date with the latest tales and creations.

About Elfbeads
Founded in 2013 in the Netherlands, Elfbeads is dedicated to love, happiness and quality. Magical, ethereal and mystical, they place the human being at the heart of their business and are now recognized worldwide thanks to their distinctive style of personalized jewelry.

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